1. dolphinboy420:

    hey girl are u from china because im china get the hell away from you

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  3. omgbuglen:


    So I finally caught him in the act of escaping

    Did you really think that flimsy wire cage would contain his laser eyes? Consider yourself lucky he didn’t melt you instead.

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  4. tinalikesbutts:

    OH NO


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  5. roughness:

    tune in tonight for another episode of “is he cute or just tall? am I lowering my standards out of desperation? am I doomed to roam the earth as a lonely, unloved wretch for eternity? would I fuck a 30 year old? would I fuck a broke 30 year old?”

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  6. 1-800-paradise:

    Ancient ruins

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    1. kevin feige: believe me, i'd like for black panther and captain marvel to get movies, really i would
    2. kevin feige: but what can i do
    3. kevin feige: i'm just the marvel studios president of production

  7. deletes:

    I have the talent of getting tired without doing anything

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  8. kagezukami:

    share a coke with the indescribable, omnipresent feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach

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